Try Vision Therapy First

Dr. White Was Recently Interviewed on Television about “How to Get Rid of Glasses or Contacts.”

Find out what all the excitement’s about. Attend our easy-to-understand Free Seminar:


VALUE: Save a lifetime of glasses and contact lenses!

WHEN: Thursday, March 26th, 2015 at 6:30 PM

Vision Therapy Institute
1620 Browning Road
Columbia, SC 29210

COST: FREE! But seating is limited!

REGISTER NOW by calling 803-732-4099

There’s no charge for this seminar, but it could be the beginning of a new life without having to wear glasses contact lenses.

The technology that’s used is called Corneal Correction Treatment (CCT). If you’d  like to see Dr. White’s TV interview, click here to watch it and find out more about our CCT program.


The Vision Therapy Institute was founded by Dr. John Brinkley in 1989 to treat unwanted vision conditions in children and adults by using eye exercises. Since its beginning, it has expanded to offer training and education to parents, teachers and professionals in the area of preventive eye care and vision therapy.

When vision is working well it guides and leads all that we do;

when not, it interferes.

If you want to get rid of your glasses or contact lenses, attend Dr. White’s seminar.