Children born with genetic interferences, who experience an early brain injury, those with delays in neurological development or other congenital conditions, have a higher incidence of visual interferences to development than other children. Children with Special Needs need special care.


At The Vision Therapy Institute, we treat developmentally delayed children and progress their vision and visually integrated sensory skills. Most frequently, we don’t evaluate their visual development while sitting in an examination chair, but rather while they are in a natural environment that is comfortable and engaging for them. This enables us to determine how well the patient can use and control their visual system.  After we have an understanding of what your child can see and do with their visual system, we can nurture their current abilities, and develop those that are delayed. This is done best through a team approach, often with Occupational Therapists, Speech/Language Therapists as well as a wide variety of other clinicians and developmental therapists. As a result, our patients’ experience an increase in their learning abilities, an increase in their abilities to perform day-to-day tasks and they respond more effectively during other rehabilitative services.