Success Stories

Read what people have said when asked “How has Vision Therapy changed your life?”

Wyatt’s Story

Wyatt now has the ability to print legibly.  His penmanship has improved 100%.  He is self motivated and his grades have improved.  His teachers have noticed the difference.  

 We feel like this is the start of a new beginning for Wyatt that will lead him to success in school & life.  We are forever grateful to Dr. Brinkley and his staff.


JT’s Story

The two most dramatic changes that I have seen in JT since beginning vision therapy concern his behavior and his reading.  JT’s frustration level was very high because his scores ranged from that of a very young child to 18+ years.  He is 8.  He knew he ought to have certain skills that he did not.  Therefore, his frustration looked like – well – temper tantrums.  I was at a loss.  At the same time, he had difficulty reading and spelling.  While his math skills are well above grade level, his difficulty understanding written directions on math work began to impact both his aptitude and attitude.  Vision therapy has helped JT develop persistence and the ability to pursue and persevere difficult tasks.  His hand/eye coordination has improved lessening his frustration with sports-type activities.  He is reading long chapter books for fun!  Most importantly, he has really  developed self-control.  I never thought that the greatest benefit of vision therapy would be behavior related!  Best of all, JT had fun at vision therapy.  Thank you for all  your hard work and your mission.


Ian’s Story

Ian’s reading has improved.  Before vision therapy, he had a difficult time keeping his place.  Now, he can read books a full grade level above his current grade.  He is actually enjoying reading – which is a big change!


Caleb’s Story

Caleb came to vision therapy as a struggling reader with a diagnosis of severe processing issues.  Before vision therapy it was torture for him trying to learn to read.  He now has the confidence that he can read and the desire to read.  Vision therapy has made a huge difference in Caleb’s willingness to learn.  The change in Caleb since starting vision therapy has been amazing and it definitely is the best decision we made for our son.


Madeleine’s Story

We have seen great changes where it counts!  The one I, as Madeleine’s Mom, see as the best result and the most dramatic is in her changed desire to read on her own!  Madeleine had always loved to be read to, but as she got into kindergarten and 1st grade, she lost all excitement to learn to read or even to be read to.  It was a sad and surprising experience.  Since therapy, that has completely reversed.  Madeleine has a new found interest and excitement in reading on her own and I even notice her following along as I read to her. I do also notice improvement in her ability to balance, on her bike, for instance, and also some surprising improvements in gross motor activities, like the ability to kick a ball.  Our experience at the Institute and with Leah and Dr. Brinkley has been invaluable.  Thank you!


Cameron’s Story

Cameron has experienced wonderful changes since beginning Vision Therapy.  He has blossomed from a self-conscious, timid reader that struggled to a confident, willing reader.  Although he sometimes stumbles over new vocabulary, he is steadily improving.  He actively seeks new books to read.  That alone is a complete turn around.  His self-esteem is at an all-time high, as he is aware of the many improvements and their effect on his schoolwork.


Brenden’s Story

When Brenden started Vision Therapy he found the process of reading & writing to be “painful”.  He would say he wasn’t a good reader because he couldn’t follow the words and he would become so frustrated with himself and his schoolwork.  About ½ way through his therapy schedule is when we really saw tremendous growth.  Brenden started to read independently, he started to enjoy the previously unenjoyable task of writing.  Brenden stated it very plainly – he was working on his homework and said “Mom, you know, reading has gotten so much easier – it’s the vision therapy.  It’s working!”  We’ve watched Brenden’s confidence soar, his testing scores improve and Brenden’s self-esteem grow.  Brenden feels that he is a confident learner!


Jenna’s Story

Jenna is more willing to read without the constant battles we had before therapy. She will actually pick up a magazine or book without being told to.

She can walk down steps without having both feet stop on every step, since therapy. One day after therapy on the drive home, she started reading billboards to me which she had never done before.

I think therapy has given her confidence and the ability to read without being frustrated. Therapy has given us a much more peaceful time of homework and increased Jenna’s confidence in completing her schoolwork. We constantly spread the word about vision therapy since we had no idea about it until Jenna started having problems reading. We are so thankful to Dr. Brinkley and Lindsey (Jenna’s therapist). The entire staff is extremely friendly and made the therapy enjoyable.


Corrine’s Story

Before vision therapy, I had A LOT of trouble reading the board or books at school, and I also had problems with depth perception. I went and got glasses from a few different places. They all seemed to make the problem worse. Eventually, I was recommended to Vision Therapy. Ever since I was little, my left eye went out. I used to think that it just looked weird, and wasn’t part of my vision problems. At first, the exercises for vision therapy were sort of difficult. I couldn’t tell exactly what the purpose of the exercises were or what they were getting my eyes to do. Now that I have finished vision therapy, I no longer randomly see blurred have double vision, and I know how to get my eyes to work together. I even got my permit a few weeks ago. Thanks vision therapy!


Catherine’s Story

I feel so blessed to have found Vision Therapy. We went from doctor to doctor trying to diagnose her problems, but Dr. Brinkley did without any problem. Catherine has developed her confidence back. She reads again and plays on the computer more. Her grades and handwriting has improved significantly. The people at vision therapy are wonderful and are great with the kids. I can not speak highly enough of them and would recommend them to anyone having vision or developmental problems.


Caleb’s Story

Since birth, Caleb has been a difficult child. Shyness, timidness, scared, every emotion that Caleb felt was magnified a million times. Many labels crossed my mind to try and find out why my son was so demanding. At his 4 year check up with his pediatrician, we discovered that maybe he had some vision difficulties. After searching for a pediatric optometrist, we found Dr. Brinkley. Caleb was diagnosed with strabismus and amblyopia and began vision therapy a few weeks later. At first Caleb resisted the sessions, but as time went on, he realized he was beginning to gain vision in his left eye. When Dr. Brinkley first evaluated Caleb in June 2010, his left eye was 20/140. The beginning of 2011, he tested at 20/60 and was gaining depth perception and peripheral vision in his left eye. Caleb, who I thought could have been ADD/ADHD, has excelled in school and most “fears” have subsided. He likes to try new things and is able to function as a normal 5 year old. Dr. Brinkley, Ms. Shannon, and vision therapy have truly changed Caleb’s life! Thank you for everything!


Truitt’s Story

We are so pleased with the results we have observed in Truitt since participating in vision therapy treatments. His homework time has been shortened because he has learned how to track better. He has said that it is easier for him to copy information from one page to another and from the board to his paper. Another improvement has been in his reading. He has gone from being a reluctant reader to an enthusiastic reader. His spelling grades and handwriting have also improved. We are amazed and so appreciative to Dr. Brinkley and his staff.


Mary Caroline’s Story

A huge thanks goes out to all of you. Before vision therapy she was frustrated and sad. Reading was the last thing she wanted to do, but riding a bike was top on her list. She couldn’t do either without someone else doing most of the work. In our time at vision therapy she has moved into choosing to read in the car and during free time. And she does it well. As for riding a bike it is her goal and it looks like she should have it conquered soon. Who knew so many difficult things would be “fixed” once her double vision was remedied?! We couldn’t have been this successful without you. Thanks!


Jackson’s Story

Jackson is very interested in basketball and lacrosse. Since beginning therapy, his ability to play these sports has greatly improved. He had no depth perception when therapy began but that is more developed now and it makes it easier to throw, catch and pass now that he has some depth perception. Along with that, 3-D movies now make sense.

It is also easier for Jackson to take notes in class, shifting from near to far. We have noticed too that his handwriting has gotten neater as therapy has progressed.

Vision therapy has been extremely important for Jackson and he has come a long way from where he started. The investment has been so worth it!


Casey’s Story

The change in my daughter has been amazing. When we first began therapy she had been complaining about the words moving whenever she read. She had been a big reader but then stopped reading. Her schoolwork took a long time and her handwriting was terrible. After seeing Dr. Brinkley she was so excited to learn her problems could be fixed because she thought she was just stupid (she had never told me that)! I noticed changes quickly. Because I home school her I easily tracked her progression. She began reading again and her handwriting improved. Even her concentration improved. Her father and I are so thankful to Dr. Brinkley and his staff. She made such great progress that we have been able to complete her program earlier than expected. Thanks Vision Therapy Institute!


Janie’s Story

My daughter, Janie, had terrible and constant headaches. She complained of a headache daily. These headaches were so bad, Janie had to lie down after school every day. They made her feel sick, tired, and unable to function properly unless she had medication. Since Janie has been having vision therapy visits and doing her exercises at home, her headaches have completely disappeared! Thank you vision therapy for helping Janie strengthen her eyes! No more headaches and reading is so much easier and better! Thank you all for helping our family and others like us! God bless you!


Kiara’s Story

Amongst all the various therapies Kiara has and will contact to have: PT, OT, ST, Special Ed. & Vision, vision therapy has been most gratifying. In a short span of 8 months she is at a normal functional level in vision. It has been the only therapy she has achieved full functionality in and now only has to maintain it. Every other therapy has provided functionality but it ongoing and has been for years and probably will be for years to come. Her improved vision has also made possible her ability to walk (if you can’t focus on where you’re going, you cannot walk). As a parent of a child with cerebral palsy, there are so many things to worry about, and this is now one less thing to worry about! And the credit for creating this miracle goes to Shannon Carrion. Not only is she an amazing vision therapist, but has worked very hard with Kiara to achieve her goals.


Robert’s Story

My son Robert is 7 years old and is currently in the first grade. At the beginning of his school year his Reading Specialist was concerned about his reading skills and his ability to read with fluency. She immediately thought we should contact Dr. Brinkley for an expert opinion. Robert was evaluated and diagnosed with Oculomotor Dysfunction or in layman’s terms a dysfunction of Robert’s reading eye movements. He could read but it was painfully slow and his eyes would just “drag” from one word to another and he often lost his place on a line. Well, of to Columbia we went. We would go every week faithfully. Lindsey became Robert’s Therapist and permanent friend. A bond was quickly formed as the sessions clicked by. Lindsey was very focused and knowledgeable with every skill he learned. She was always willing to do “whatever it takes” and always with a smile. Slowly but surely and with lots of practice at home Robert’s eyes started to track faster and work together and his reading became more fluent. So far our stress level has gone down and Robert’s own confidence level in his own ability to read has risen. It’s almost as if he isn’t afraid to read anymore. Since reading was always difficult for Robert he compensated and was an excellent “auditory” learner. When we read stories to him he could remember them and describe them with great detail. I think with Robert’s new found reading ability and his comprehension skills, 2nd grade will be much smoother for him and me! We are extremely thankful that Robert attends an excellent school that recognized his problem to begin with and second that we attended the Vision Therapy Institute. The Vision Therapy Institute has now given Robert the skills to become a successful reader which we all know is a “must” in life. Robert is not 100% “out of the woods” so to speak yet but we know he is well on his way to becoming a great reader with the help of vision therapy, his reading specialist, his teachers, and Mom and Dad!


Kayleigh’s Story

Before vision therapy Kayleigh struggled in school. School was not the place she wanted to be. Since vision therapy Kayleigh wants to go to school. She has more confidence in herself. She tries to do her work on her own instead of waiting on someone to walk her through every step. She seems to like to read now. I have even caught her reading to her little sisters without asking her to read to them. Kayleigh has truly bloomed during this time in therapy. I’m pleased with the results I have seen in Kayleigh. I have a HAPPY little girl who has more confidence in herself and what she is able to accomplish.


Devin’s Story

Prior to vision therapy Devin was fidgety, had a hard time concentrating, and had poor reading comprehension. He did not enjoy reading and his spelling was awful. Since participating in vision therapy, Devin has improved in all areas of reading and writing, but most importantly, he chooses to read without being prompted. He will now choose to read in his free time and is able to read (and comprehend) books well above grade level. Homework has no longer been a battle and the time he spends doing homework has been cut in half. Because he doesn’t have to spend so much time and energy trying to see to read, his ability to remember to bring things home from school has improved as well.

Everyone at the Vision Therapy Institute has been incredibly friends, knowledgeable and professional. I cannot say thank you enough to Dr. Brinkley and all of the therapists for giving my child a love for reading. You guys are the best!


Blake’s Story

With starting 2nd grade, Blake was only reading at a kindergarten level. He often would reverse words and letters while at the same time struggling to understand what he was reading. Now…after nine months, Blake does NOT reverse letters and seldom reverses words. He is reading at a 2nd grade level and reading chapter books, which is what he wanted to be able to do! He is a lot more excited about his reading and loves going to the library each week. We love our weekly visits and tell everyone they MUST see Dr. Brinkley and his fabulous staff!


Mackey’s Story

My son attended vision therapy and it greatly improved his school work. His spelling scores and handwriting improved. His reading skills and speed also improved. His self confidence and self esteem increased with each skill mastered. At completion his “lazy eye” scored 20/20 vision! What a praise!


Allie’s Story

The vision in Allie’s “lazy eye” has not only been dramatically increased, but she is now also able to use both eyes together. We were surprised to see such dramatic results in just a few months. We have been very pleased with the care and quality of service of the staff at vision therapy. Thank you!


De’Ari’s Story

 Since the beginning of therapy, I have noticed a difference in De’Ari all around. Prior to vision therapy, she would always cry due to frustration from having to finish her homework, she would always bury her face down into what ever book she was reading with her head titled to one side. At times she would lose her place while reading, and wrote like a 6 or 7 year old. Her grades had fallen. I was at my wits end of trying to locate the cause as well as the solution. Well, needless to say thanks to Dr. Brinkley and Dr. Shadeed, things are really going well. She is making better grades, doesn’t spend a lot of time doing homework. Her writing is 100% better. Most of all she doesn’t dread doing the work. I can truly say that you guys have been a blessing to us. I failed to mention that her teacher now praises her for her valid effort of helping others read and her involvement with class activities. So I again thank you all!

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