We provide the very best in materials, workmanship, and personal care. A varied selection of affordable, fashionable, and quality frames and lenses are available. Our highly trained Opticians will help you with the needs of your specific prescription and listen to your occupational and vocational demands to create the ideal lens package for your specific needs. Lenses prescribed based on your lifestyle and functional needs can maximize your vision and visual perception. 



Even if you see clearly, performance lenses may be prescribed to allow for focusing and eye teaming being more efficient. They can be very important and should be worn whenever you are using your vision for anything within arms reach (especially in patients who spend all day on screens and/or have suffered a concussion).  These glasses are not prescribed to provide increased clarity; clarity is already available without glasses. These lenses are designed to enable your eyes to process information, such as from a book or computer, with greater balance, ease and efficiency.

These lenses may have a special tint, and they may also employ a variety of prism powers to maximize performance, reduce physical symptoms due to extended close visual work, and protect the eyes from the negative effects of screen-time from electronic sources.